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Historical Salon event to come soon in Stockholm

We just couldn't wait more time to announce on our blog the next historical event to come for Champagne Salon : from 1959 to 1999, Champagne Salon has been declaring 18 Vintages. Each of them has been carefully collected to organise one of the largest Salon tasting ever.  This event wouldn't have been possible without the passion of Salon collector Mr Johan Tidelius, explaining his approach in his specific site created for the occasion :


Richard Juhlin and Didier Depond will both take part into this memorable event ; Save the date !

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TASTING NOTES, published into Fine Champagne magazine, 10, January 2013, by richard Juhlin.

SALON 1999, 88 points

You will already find the tangerine and pineapples notes. The minerality is stunning rocky and the butteriness has just begun to wrap around the chalk. The nutiness and the depth required patience if you're going to experience these wines, and you better believe me because it will show some beautiful day in the future.

SALON 1997, 89 points

One of the best champagnes from 1997. The wine is fantastically caressing and silky, with a proing-like seductive grace. The sublime scent breathes linden, lime and a hint of brioche. The taste is lighter and more directly accessible than usual, yet incredibly refines and crystal clear.

SALOON 1996, 93 points

Probably one the greatest Salons ever made. It is very handsome ans restrained on the nose, with clear tones of snow, static electricity and freshly laundered sheets. Polished and pretty, but with a muscular embracing body which wraps the rocky Mesnil minerals and bitter acids in a fraudulent cocoon.

SALON 1995, 95 points

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the tasting, with a fully mature and charming style. Hardly typical of the house or the classical style, but full of Comtes-like pastry tones and hints of vanilla and saffron. A true Casanova.

SALON 1990, 94 points

A magnum you would serve to all detractors of the 1990 vintage! A pure package of gunpowder, with an incipient coffea aroma and an insanely youthful power. Many complained, however, that is appeared to be the youngest in the congregation.

SALON 1988, 92 points

Usually, it tends to perform significantly better than this. Although we opened two bottles, the wines showed itself to be a bit too old this time. Normally a safe bet and delightful at all ages.

SALON 1985, 91 points

This one has always been a bit difficult to grasp. Perhaps this is a wine whose phases will one day provide great experiences. Still too bushy and 'broth fragrant' for me, personally. Structurally impeccable and aromatic, there were classic forest mushroom notes, autumn leaves and walnuts. Nevertheless, it is not really a friend of mine.

SALON 1983, 88 points

One of history's weakest and most rapidly oxidising vintages. But this time it felt younger than ever and the biting acid is beginning to be joined by nuttiness. The interfering and drab oxidative tones might be about to dry up?

SALON 1982, 94 points

Recently, this wine has unfortunately lost some of its amazing butteriness and sweet vanilla draping. However, it is still grand and truffle-scented.

SALON 1979, 92 points

Both Didier and I sat and wrinkled our noses together. Why was this bottle so excessively dry and salty? It was like someone had torn the flesh off and only the beautiful skeleton remained. Normally a winning candidate.

SALON 1976, 96 points

A wine that cannot be misunderstood. Absolutely adorable, with its far, sweet and warm generosity and fullness. Hardly a classic Salon, but what a pleasure.

SALON 1973, 88 points

It has never been a favourite of mine, but this time it stood up well. Good, round, nutty and flirtatious, with the autumn woods in place. However, a little pulpy and unbalanced.

SALON 1971, 93 points

A wine that behaves differently every time I try it. This time it was a classic, youthfully light, sleek and stylish 1971.

SALON 1969, 94 points

Basically a magnificient wine that has just begun its journey downwards. Round, abundantly caramelised and full of mushrooms, truffles and chicken stock. I like even better in a younger, purer style.

SALON 1996, defect

SALON 1964, defect

SALON 1961, 99 points

It was near tears due to the disappointment of the 1966, the tears came for real in the next flight when this bottle, disgorged at the same time and with exactly the same low dosage, was so lovely that my emotions surged over. In fact, this wonderfully youthful wine is the bottle that reminded me most of the world's top wine - the 1928 Pol Roger Grauves. It was the same improbable contrast between the youthful and mature notes. The scent is so unreal, with its euphoric pheromone-reeking perfume enhanced by linden, geranium, lily of the valley, acacia, ginger, fresh tarragon, mint, lime zest and lemon of Sorrento. Crystal-clear brilliance, laser-sharp clarity and delicate precision. Affectionate with faint undertones of vanilla, broche and toast. A flinty mineral finesse and whirling mall pearl necklace bubbles that pirouette on the palate and burst like caviar grains in the mouth. What is lacking, in comparison to the 1928 Grauves, is a hazy oiliness that may come in twenty years or so. Imagine a 51-year old who can personalise melted snow, late winter and life's rebirth.

SALON 1956, 89 points

A leaking bottle that looked really messy showed a wine that was highly enjoyable and fudgy, as well as caramelised with an anmal weight and tonnes of varnish and leather. Completely without maderisation. It seems that the destructive forces of time do not break a Salon at all.

SALON 1959, 94 points

May be among the greatest you can drink, but uinfortunately for John this bottle was the beginning of its downhill struggle. The walnuts and depth of the forest were intact, but now they are mixed with plums, figs, dates and light brown apples.



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