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Salon 1996 : A Legend in the making in Acker Merrall Weekend Special

Sept 21 2007 

"The 1996 Salon was served out of a successfully sabered 750ml. The 1996 Salon was like the razor's edge; there was so much vim, vigor and acidity here it was like being in the eye of a storm. One could see the greatness of the 1996 vintage in the Salon, which was fresh as a baby's bottom. It was white meaty underneath that 1996 greatness; so balanced, so long, so stylish and deeply penetrating. Rob gave it '6 stars. Incredible. Pure Blanc de Blanc Le Mesnil. No dosage.' It was probably the greatest young Champagne that I have ever tasted."(97+pts JK)

People are just starting to figure out that the greatest Champagnes can age as well as the best of red wines.

One vintage that will probably outlive us all is 1996; many feel it is the greatest vintage ever for Champagne. Salon is one of those houses that true Champagne connoisseurs adore and cherish; everyone knows Dom Perignon, Cristal and Krug, but this is prob! ably the best kept secret amongst the elite bubblies and one whose prices are greater than those bigger-name bubblies when to comes to older vintages, as in almost any and every one.

This is a Champagne of which every great collection should have multiple cases. They do not make enough of it to go around, and a plentiful stash like this is one that you won't see often again, especially at this price.

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