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A new vintage on stage at Champagne Delamotte !

A new vintage

Champagne Delamotte Blanc de Blancs 1999 vintage :
A cool garden of rare sensations

A perfectly balanced wine

After a relatively mild winter, budding began particularly early at the end of March. Then, a definite slowdown occurred until the end of April.
At the beginning of May, warm weather returns encouraging the vines to grow and the Chardonnay reaches full bloom by June 11. The extremely hot period in July and August enabled the vines to fully develop and, despite the threat presented by a few violent hail storms that lingered until September, the grapes were harvested under blue skies. Harvesting begun on September 15 and the quality of the grapes was excellent.

The 1999 vintage is of very high quality and produced very clean, smooth wines. The aromas are particularly pure. This Delamotte is wonderful: it has scents of white flowers which are essential for a Chardonnay, with mineral hints that are a sign of its exceptional ageing potential.
Vivacity, freshness and elegance are the result of our respect for the fruit and our high standards.

The Delamotte Blanc de Blancs 1999 pairs very well with seafood, fish with tender flesh, sushi and prawn carpaccio… As an apéritif is just wonderful!

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